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Specialising in new, used, refurbished, gas flowed, big valve & race cylinder heads.

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Performance Cylinder Head Engineering Specialists

SAC Engineering is a one stop shop for all your Petrol and Diesel engineering & cylinder head needs.


Our engineering team are very passionate about cylinder heads and performance engineering and are a dedicated passionate team of people all properly trained and highly skilled engineering specialists in their various departments.


Each and every job we receive gets our full attention and is carefully costed and labour is charged accordingly. We can advise the best possible cylinder head performance package and deliver on the advice.


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Performance Cylinder Head Engineering Specialists

Cylinder Head & Valve Specialists
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In the early years, modified or gasflowed big valve cylinder heads were only ever found on racing cars.


Today this situation has changed dramatically, custom cylinder heads have become very popular, not only in street cars but also in the highly competitive motorsport arena.


And here once again the SAC Engineering specialists can provide you the full platform of specialised services to not only make your street car or bakkie better but also give you the competitive edge to be number one.

Some more Specialised Engineering Services on offer:


  • Hydraulic to Solid lifter conversions
  • Special Racing flow jobs
  • Valve Spring tension optimizations
  • Cut and flowed intake manifolds
  • Flowed throttle bodies
  • Adjustable cam sprockets · vernier gears – made to order & in stock
  • Up rated valve springs
  • Extreme Racing valves
  •  Compression ratio calculation and recommendations
  • Combustion chamber or head cc’s to a specific specification


Delving deeper into the high performance and specialist areas of cylinder head engineering, the team at SAC can not only skim blocks for compression or pocket pistons, they can also refurbish injectors and accurately measure cc’s.

We have in-house facilities to do:

  • Aluminum welding · all sorts
  • Petrol injector refurbishing · measuring cc’s etc.
  • Diesel injector evaluation · replacement · servicing etc.
  • Pocketing pistons for larger valves or deeper pockets for more camshaft overlap and lift
  • Skim blocks for squish or compression
  • Crack testing
  • Pressure testing up to 8 Bar hot and cold

Cylinder Head Specialists

SAC Engineering Perofrmance Valves



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