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Engine / Engine Rebuild / Sub-Assembly / Short Block / Head Block & Sump

Please Note: Even though we can assist with all your cylinder head requirements no matter the type of the vehicle, we only work on engines for the following makes and or models: VW – Audi – Ford – Mazda – Opel Utility – Corsa –Nissan NP200 – Toyota


Our engineering workshop in Vanderbijlpark has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to tailor an engine package to suit most needs. We use only the best OE quality parts when rebuilding engines. The quality of the parts and the costing has a huge effect on the final outcome of the engine and its warranty or guarantee. The engineering processes utilised during these rebuilds is of utmost importance. The parts that are attached to the engine, for example, the turbo, water pump, oil pump, flywheel & clutch assembly will also be carefully evaluated and or repaired or replaced as necessary.

It is necessary for the engine of your vehicle to be removed at the workshop of your choice, we only work on loose engines and cylinder heads. We do however give guidance in the installation procedure to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

The more information that we have regarding the history of your engine the more we can help in assuring the correct package for you. We would carefully evaluate firstly all the information we have on hand regarding your engine and then secondly once the engine is stripped we would evaluate all the parts. We would never repair an engine unless we know the cause of the failure in the first place and prior to us starting the engine rebuild process we would communicate everything with the customer first including parts list required, work required, guarantees, etc.

So, whether you are looking for a new cylinder head, used cylinder head, repaired cylinder head, new cylinder block, new parts, sub-assembly or an engine rebuild 




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