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New Cylinder Heads For Sale

Cylinder Heads for sale

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New & Used Cylinder Heads For Sale
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Used and Refurbished Heads For Sale

We literally have hundreds of used cylinder heads – refurbished to like new – petrol and diesel cylinder heads for sale in stock.If we sell a cylinder head it carries our standard why worry warranty and will be ready to bolt on to an engine.Our used cylinder heads are refurbished in-house by a team of cylinder head specialists who collectively have around 50 years of cylinder head experience.We sell only the best and we are a one stop cylinder head shop.

If required we can also refurbish your own cylinder head. It will be evaluated and a recommendation to repair or replace will be made prior to any money being spent.

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SAC Engineering is a dedicated and specialised stand alone cylinder head and related engineering shop and does not have general workshop facilities to remove and re-fit cylinder heads to cars, bakkies, quads or bikes and we strongly recommend that you contact your nearest SAC outlet to facilitate this type of work and any fine tuning you might require.

We Buy Second Hand Cylinder Heads


In the early years, modified or gas-flowed big valve cylinder heads were only ever found on racing cars. Today this situation has changed dramatically, custom cylinder heads have become very popular, not only in street cars but also in the highly competitive motorsport arena. And here once again the SAC Engineering specialists can provide you with the full platform of specialised services to not only make your street car or bakkie better but also give you the competitive edge to be number one.

Our cylinder head experts will turn your standard cylinder head into a fully bred racing head. We make them from mild to wild depending on your requirements. We will never compromise reliability.

Additional Benefits and Value Add Services for our Cylinder Head Sales or Exchange Program:

  • Speedy collection and delivery in Gauteng and the Vaal Triangle
  • Same day courier collection anywhere in the country
  • Next day courier delivery any day in the country
  • Fast and reliable turnaround time
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Standard Six Month Limited Warranty
  • Expert Advice on Cylinder Heads
  • Supply of additional components such as gaskets, Cambelt kits, etc.

Some of our most popular stock heads

Hino Diesel 366(Non Turbo)
Hino Diesel 366(Turbo)
A4 2.0 tdi Diesel BLB
320D Diesel M47204D1
325i E30 Petrol M20B25
320i E46 Petrol M54B22
Fiesta/Focus 1.6 Tdci Diesel HHJA
Ranger/Courier 2.5D Diesel WL
Ranger/Courier 2.5 Tdi Diesel WLT
Bantam 1.3 Petrol B3
Bantam 1.3 Petrol A9JA / Rocam 1.3
Bantam 1.6 Petrol CDRA / Rocam 1.6
Telstar 2.2 Petrol F2E/F2Y4
KA/Fiesta 1.3 Petrol Rocam
Fiesta/Focus 1.6 Petrol FYJA
H100 Diesel D4CB
KB250 Diesel 4JK1-TC
2.7D Diesel J2
Mazda / Ford Ranger Diesel WLT (Turbo)/td>
Mazda 3 2.5 Petrol G6
Mazda 626 2.2 Petrol F2
Sprinter 308 2.3D Diesel OM601
Sprinter 308/311/313 Diesel OM611.981
C220 CDI Diesel OM646.982(110Kw)
Colt 2.5D Diesel 4D56
Colt 2.8D Diesel 4M40
Colt 2.8 Tdi Diesel 4M40T
Pajero 2.5TD Diesel 4D56T
Pajero 3.2 Diesel 4M41
Colt 2.4 Petrol 4G64
Colt L300 2.0 Petrol 4G63
Pajero/Triton 3.2 Petrol 4M41
Hardbody 2.5 Diesel TD25
Hardbody / Patrol 3.0 D Diesel ZD30
Hardbody 3.2 D Diesel QD32
Navara 2.5 Dci Diesel YD25
Hardbody 2.0 Petrol NA20
Sentra 1.6 Petrol GA16
Hardbody 2.0 16V Petrol KA20DE
Hardbody/Pathfinder 2.4 Petrol KA24E
Corsa 1.7D/170 Utility Diesel 4EE1
Corsa 1.4i Petrol 14SE
Corsa 1.6 T OPC Petrol A16
Zafira 1.8i Petrol X18
Astra 1.8i Petrol Z18
206/207 Petrol B3
206 2.0 16V Petrol RFN
308/407 2.0 16V Petrol DW10BTED
Musso Diesel M10
Telcoline 2.0 Diesel 483DL
Corolla 1.4 D Diesel 1ND-TV
Landcruiser 2.4 Diesel 22-R
Landcruiser 4.0 D Diesel 2H
Landcruiser 4.2 TD Diesel 1HD
Cruiser 4.2 Diesel 1HZ
Hi Ace / Dyna 2.8D Diesel 3L
Hi Ace / Dyna 2.0 Diesel 3Y
Hilux 3.0 Diesel 5L
Hilux 3.0 Diesel KZTE
Hilux 2.4 D Diesel 1RZ
Hilux 3.0 D4D Diesel 2LT(Turbo)
Fortuner/Hilux 2.5D4D Diesel 2KD
Auris/Corolla 1.4i Petrol 4ZZ
Conquest/Corolla 1.6i Petrol 3ZZ
Run-X 1.4 Petrol 4ZZ
Corolla/Run-X/Rav4 1.8i Petrol 1ZZ
Landcruiser 2.4 Petrol 22-R
Hilux 2.7 Petrol 2TR
Hilux 2.0i Petrol 1RZ
Landcruiser 4.0 Petrol 2H
Landcruiser 2.4 Petrol 22R
Cruiser/Fortuner/Hilux/Prado 4.0 Petrol 1GR
Supra Petrol 2J
Golf 5 2.0 Tdi Diesel BKD
Golf 5 1.9 Tdi Diesel ASV
Polo 1.9 Tdi Diesel ASV
1.9 Tdi Diesel AHF
2.5 Tdi Diesel BLK
Amarok 2.0 Diesel CFC
Golf 5 2.0 Gti/Fsi Petrol AXX
Polo 1.4 8V Petrol AGY
Polo 1.4 16V Petrol BBY
1.6 Petrol CAY
2.0 Fsi Petrol BVZ
New Or Refurbished Cylinder Heads & Valves For Sale

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