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Cambelt & Valve Damaged Heads – To repair or not?

Performance Cylinder Head Engineering SpecialistsPart of our daily work sees us also doing a large amount of cylinder head repairs, especially where a combustion chamber has been completely destroyed. In the case cam belt & valve damaged heads, we reconstruct the combustion chamber and all relevant areas to as close as what it was. This is an extremely slow and time consuming process that requires a huge amount of care and concentration and is not always successful. 

Need help with a damaged Cylinder Head? Contact SAC Engineering today!

We have been repairing this type of damage for many years and have a vast amount of experience in this field. Don’t scrap a head on face value.

Save thousands of rands for yourself by letting us evaluate the damage.
Most of our customers that fetch a head that has been damaged beyond repair in their minds, cannot believe their eyes when they fetch the fully repaired cylinder head.

Heads from vehicles that have over heated or simply been lean on maintenance and oil changes can also be restored to the original condition at a fraction of the cost of a new replacement.

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Cylinder Head & Valve Specialists
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Cylinder Head Repairs for

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We can repair your vehicle’s cylinder head


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    SAC Engineering carry a large variety of new quality aftermarket replacement cylinder heads for petrol and diesel Car’s, SUV’s and Bakkie’s.

    Our new cylinder heads are the best alternative available to the original equipment – OEM – part on your vehicle and are sold at very competitive prices.

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    We literally have hundreds of used – refurbished to like new – petrol and diesel cylinder heads for sale in stock.If we sell a cylinder head it carries our standard why worry warranty and will be ready to bolt on to an engine.Our used cylinder heads are refurbished in-house by a team of cylinder head specialists who collectively have around 50 years of cylinder head experience.We sell only the best and we are a one stop cylinder head shop.

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    In the early years, modified or gas-flowed big valve cylinder heads were only ever found on racing cars.Today this situation has changed dramatically, custom cylinder heads have become very popular, not only in street cars but also in the highly competitive motorsport arena.And here once again the SAC Engineering specialists can provide you the full platform of specialised services to not only make your street car or bakkie better but also give you the competitive edge to be number one. Our cylinder head experts will turn your standard cylinder head into a fully bred racing head. We make them from mild to wild depending on your requirements. We will never compromise reliability.

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    What would the value of offering cylinder heads without being able to offer a customer a complete range of related components?

    SAC Engineering also have the full range of valve springs, guides, inserts, cotters spring retainers and pre-combustion chambers for the full range of petrol and diesel cylinder heads.


    SAC Engineering also buy second hand cylinder heads, so before you throw away what could be a perfectly repairable cylinder head, let the guys at SAC take a look at it.

    Perhaps you even have a few cylinder heads lying around, SAC Engineering will consider bartering a deal for your spare stock in return for services rendered to a cylinder that you choose to keep.

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    SAC Engineering is a dedicated and specialised stand alone cylinder head and related engineering shop and does not have general workshop facilities to remove and re-fit cylinder heads to cars, bakkies, quads or bikes and we strongly recommend that you contact your nearest SAC outlet to facilitate this type of work and any fine tuning you might require.


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